• Nov 22, 14
    New Improvement Series Announced to Meet Needs of Healthcare Organizations

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Dr. James Shirley announced new services to meet the needs of healthcare organizations as they work to improve healthcare processes in clinics and hospitals. The new services are offered under the name: "Implementing Continuous Improvement." According to Dr. Shirley, these are the major methods to meet healthcare needs for Implementing Continuous Improvement:

    1. Teaching concepts and tools of Continuous Improvement
    2. Coaching to develop organization skills in Continuous Improvement
    3. Managing Projects to reduce waste using Continuous Improvement
    4. Changing Culture to create an organization focused on Continuous Improvement

    Dr. Shirley stated that the methods used in Continuous Improvement include the Toyota Production System (Lean), Six Sigma and Change Management. And, according to comments made by Dr. Mark Chassin, CEO at the Joint Commission, his organization strongly recommends that the three continuous  improvement methods be implemented in each organization they accredit. For more information on Implementing Continuous Improvement, contact Dr. James M. Shirley at jamesshirley@jsmgmt.com.

  • Sep 01, 14
    Three Consulting Firms Work Together on Healthcare Improvement

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Three management consulting firms are working together to assist Oklahoma healthcare organizations with Implementing Continuous Improvement. The three firms are:

    • James Shirley¬†Management Consultants, Inc. - James Shirley, PhD, President
    • CMCi Consultants, LLC - Cari Marshall - Principal
    • Ketchum Consulting, LLC - Melanie Ketchum, BSN, MBA, RN - Principal

    These consulting firms assist healthcare organizations in meeting their needs in implementing continuous improvement and assisting in improving healthcare processes in clinics and hospitals. The methods used are Lean (The Toyota Production System), Six Sigma and Change Management.

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